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"Evaluating risks and providing ergonomic solutions for everyday

Functional Capacity Evaluations
Functional testing can help individuals, insurance companies and industry design an
appropriate return to work plan.  Whether it is modified work, modified hours, job
coaching or re-training, a functional test will provide the foundation required to make
accurate recommendations. I am trained and Certified in the Matheson Functional
Capacity Evaluation Protocol.

Ergonomic Solutions
Human factors and ergonomics is concerned with the "fit" between the user,
equipment and their environments. It takes account of the user's capabilities and
limitations in seeking to ensure that tasks, functions, information and the environment
suit each user.
Human Factors & Ergonomics is employed to fulfill the goals of occupational health
and safety and productivity. It is relevant in the design of such things as safe furniture
and easy-to-use interfaces to machines and equipment. Proper ergonomic design is
necessary to prevent repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders,
which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability. Postural Coaching is
designed to adapt your body to NEUTRAL posture and alleviate stress brought on by
improper work station set-up.  

Stretching and Strengthening
A maintenance program, specifically designed with your injury in mind will help you
recover.  Targeted stretches and strengthening will help in the prevention of future